The Ultimate Guide for Jewellery Photography/ Videography in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The Ultimate Guide for Jewellery Photography/ Videography in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Whether it is a sparkling diamond necklace or flashy gemstone ring, jewellery photography is an extremely challenging task. You must have come across different jewellery commercials in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that speaks nothing but luxuriousness, classiness & royalty. This is the magic of the unique skills of photographer & videographer.

It is not easy to capture the real essence of jewellery. With its shiny smooth surfaces, color & size it becomes really difficult for videographer & photographer to capture the images that can clearly represent its beauty & elegance. Apart from this, videography & photography is the most powerful tool to engage & attract customers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Because the more amazing your product look the more people want to buy it. Hence it is necessary to hire jewellery photographer & videographer.

But if you want to take pictures yourself, here are some simple tips & tricks for you to follow:

(1) Clean the Product

Before taking the picture, you must clean the product. Cameras can easily capture the dust particles & other marks which can make your product look bad. However, you can edit such flaws in the end, but cleaning your product beforehand may save your time & hard work. You must be thinking about how to clean it, you can simply do it by steam cleaning it.

(2) Lighting Setup

Proper lighting & effects make your jewellery shine. We suggest you to use natural light because with it you can avoid unnecessary reflection of metals & stone. If you think you cannot work with natural light, opt for artificial lighting setup. Use LED daylight balanced bulb but never use the camera's flashlight. It will leave your product covered in white light spots & harsh shadows.

(3) White Balance

Photographers & videographers while taking the pictures & making the videos ignore the white balance. This ultimately changes the color of the stones & jewellery which does not imitate the reality. Apart from this, For different metals, your setting of white balance should be different. For instance, your gold jewellery photography/videography should be different from silver jewellery. Wrong balance can make gold jewellery look silver & vice versa. So make sure that white balance settings are right.

(4) Right Background

For jewellery photography/videography, it is important to select the right background. A background can easily make & break the image of your product. We suggest you to use white, black or simple background, this helps in bringing out the actual beauty of your jewellery. Not just this, simple background, enhances the color saturation & shine, this rule also applies for videography.

(5) Useless Props

Videographers & photographers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi use different props while doing their work. The reason behind using these different props is to make the video & photography look attractive. But this totally depends on the client, some prefer to have the shooting done with the props & some want only the product in the frame. However, the use of props requires a lot of creative thinking and no doubt it is challenging. Remember, with jewellery photography & videography the main focus is "jewellery" and the props you are using should not make any distraction for the customers.

Pictures & videos in Dubai & Abu Dhabi plays an important role in persuading customers. So make sure the quality of the images/videos is up to the mark & clear. Shaky & blur images, won’t help you in bringing up your sales. While taking pictures & making videos keep all these points in mind & surely you will create some awesome stuff which your clients will love.



Which camera works best for jewellery photography?

You can use Canon EOS 70D, Cannon EOS 5D Mark III, Nikon Coolpix P900, Nikon D800 depending on your range.

How can we easily edit the pictures?

You can easily edit the pictures on Photoshop. But too much editing can ruin the quality of your image.

How can we make jewellery shine?

Tips & tricks to make your jewellery shine: Use white vinegar, ammonia or Mild shampoo.

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