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Book personal photoshoot in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We all have special moments we want to remember in our life. Capturing these memories allows you to go back to the happiest days shared with your beloved people. If you’re looking for someone who can help you turn these moments into precious memories, just order a professional photo shoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Dubai Content Production is at your service.

Professional photo shoot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has always been an important and exciting event. To make sure everything goes well, you need to prepare for that day. Find below some tips to be properly guided.

Useful photo shoot tips

Body care

We do not recommend getting a massage, facials or attending tanning salons in the run-up to the photoshoot. All these things are useful, but they also demand some time before your skin looks good again. Massage may leave bruises all over your body. Facials are a wonderful thing for our skin, but it’s no secret that it causes transient redness all over your face. As for tanning, it dries your skin. The best way is to arrange for yourself a holiday, enjoy an amazing photography session and after that go for a massage or relax in spa.

On the other hand, there are some procedures worth getting. Another nice thing is making eyebrow shaping and epilation 3 days before the event ensuring that skin irritation passed.
Another simple but important action is washing your hair, using hydrating masks on your face and moisturizing lips. Take care of nails as well: the best colors are neutral and classical ones.
Get enough sleep. Not only will you look tired, but also it would turn out harder to enjoy the process. Photography art is about capturing emotions which may become much more difficult to do when all you want is get some sleep.

Creating a unique style

Do not wear any makeup in case of having an appointment with a stylist. By the way, apart from a professional photographer in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the stylist is also very important for photoshoot because knows how to make your face look best using professional makeup products.

Of course, it requires a specific makeup different from casual one because the lightning in a photography studio in Dubai changes the way colors look on your skin. Use nothing other than day cream and let a pro handle your beautiful face.
Think about ideas of what you want to get as a result in advance. The better we understand each other, the more satisfied you will be.

Clothes for your comfort

As peculiar as it sounds, clothes are very important if you want to express your personality through the photo art. Bring several outfits with you. Choose clothes you feel comfortable in, outfits and makeup style should match. If you’re wearing tights, get an extra pair in case they get ripped. Working on details is one of the most essential things for a successful photo shoot.
Bring 3-4 different outfits, e.g. an evening gown, a casual look, a summer outfit or even a swimsuit. Nevertheless, choose clothes you feel confident and comfy in to avoid inhibited postures.

The way you move

Watch out posture. No matter what you’re wearing, good poise makes you look much brighter.
What should I do with my hands? That’s one of the most common problems. We are used to holding a smartphone or carrying a bag. What you need is trying to relax. If your posture suggests your hands to “touch” your face, don’t touch your skin for real. Just keep your fingers close to your face as if you touch it.

The main conclusion

Booking a professional photoshoot in UAE is a wonderful chance to relax, get an exciting experience and see that inner beauty is the essential thing to put across in photography. Be yourself, because you’re lovely.

Hire the best photographer for a graceful photoshoot in Dubai be it personal, professional, business-oriented, or customized!

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