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Any professional photographer wants to try oneself in any guise. If you have the opportunity to capture the beauty of the Dubai desert and its endless sands, be sure to use it. It is a chance to enrich your professional knowledge and improve your ability to photograph in a non-standard setting.

Desert Photography & Shooting Conditions

A photoshoot of the sandy horizons of Dubai is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. In the Dubai desert, you and your equipment will face many difficulties. Here are a couple of tips to make shooting easier:

  • Be sure to prepare thoroughly. Study the local regulations in Dubai, wear the right clothes, and take enough water, food, and protective equipment with you.

  • While choosing the desired scene or composition, hide the camera away (in a case). Remember that grains of sand that get into the slits of the camera will become real grief for you, as a professional, and even more so for the device itself.

  • Be sure to use a protective filter, or wrap your camera with a regular plastic bag.

  • Try to change lenses as rarely as possible, and if you decide to do this, keep the camera as high as possible from the sand.

  • If you have a photocall, be sure to use it.

  • Take a lens hood with you (to avoid the appearance of sunbeams).

  • Remember that white lenses will heat up less in the sun, so it is better to give preference to them (if possible).

  • If you are shooting with film, be extremely careful, as the film is very susceptible to heat. It is advisable to develop the film as soon as possible after the end of the photo session.

If you are lucky enough to get into the Dubai desert, shoot in the early morning when the air temperature has not reached its maximum. At this time, the sun throws oblique rays that create original shadows. These shadows make a strong emphasis on the volumetric nature of the landscape you are photographing.

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