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Future Dubai projects which are predicted to be centers of attraction in coming years

Benefits of Hiring a Lady Photographer in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Jumeirah garden city

It has been shown in studies that living close to nature can have a positive impact on your health and well-being. Dubai got a memo about this for they started working on a project called Jumeirah Garden city. The 14,000,000 square meter development consisted of 12 districts that would eventually become home to a quarter of a million people. There is something special about this garden city. It is very green and makes use of renewable energies, 90% wastewater reuse, 60% building waste recycling, and 40% improvement in water efficiency.

Dubai Museum of the future

As we all know, Dubai loves to push the boundaries. If someone says something can't be done, they will give it a go and prove everyone wrong. It turns out to be one of the most challenging projects ever done in the world. That's not an exaggeration. It consists of 2400 intersecting steel pieces and all of them had to be produced to exact measurements with the help of software. The loop design was as futuristic as the building gets. The results are incredible. It is one of the most incredibly advanced pieces of architecture. This would be a better place for a photoshoot for remembrance.

Mall of the world

Malls are big places to visit and they incorporate several sub businesses like stores, parking, and sometimes even hotels. But if there is one thing for sure none are big as the mall of the world is expected to be. For now, is under construction and there is no estimated time when this mall is going to be completed. It is expected to be one of the largest shopping centers ever created. The original plan was to have a shopping space, a theme park with a dorm for winter times, a theatre, a golf course, and 2,000 hotel rooms. This place is also good for videography of choreography moves of your music video.

Dubai Bluewater's Island

When you run out of building spaces in your country, what do you do? You make a new island. Bluewater's Island is a manmade island accessible by road, pedestrian bridge, and water transport. It has shopping centers, fine dining restaurants, cafes, health spas, and fitness centers. Moreover, it has apartments, penthouses, and tower houses for people with long-term vacation.

Dubai harbor

The Dubai harbor is proof of how creative the people of Dubai are. When the plans for the harbor were first unveiled, it was going to cater to the largest yarding community in the middle east. How? By having 1100 marina berths for yards. It has incredible features which include the most advanced cruise terminal.

Aladdin city

Its design is inspired by Aladdin and the Sinbad the Sailor, which are 11th-century fables. The initial plan has 3 golden towers which resemble large lamps. The air-conditioned lizard-dragon connections join the 3 golden towers. It has housing hotels and restaurants. It has packing blocks too. It amazes every eye of human beings.

Meydan one

There are two words which no one will ever say when they visit the Meydan one, 'I am bored' because no one will ever be bored when he or she visits the Meydan one. It will have everything one could imagine it ever existed in the world of vacation, entertainment, and beautiful sceneries all in one place.

Dubai creek tower

Dubai does so much to put its name on the map of the world. This hyper tall tower is supposed to be the world's tallest tower and the world's tallest human-made too. It is in Abu Dhabi where things that are attractive to the eye are. Its height stands at 3000 feet and 4500 feet but the exact height is kept a secret. 

Marsa al Arab

The project includes two islands that span about 4,000,000 square meters. The goal of this project is to create jobs and be a site of beauty for visitors. Which means luxury villains, a private marina, a beach, hotels, a central business district and retails space. One of the islands focuses on family-friendliness which is the best destination for families and the other island focuses on elite business people.

Al Maktoum International Airport

Airports can frustratingly be large but their size can be beautiful scenery too. The Al Maktoum International Airport of UAE is so large that it looks like a city on its own. The airport is even dubbed as the new Dubai.

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