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Dubai – the City of Love. Why is it such an amazing place for your honeymoon?

Our planet is rich in astonishing natural landscapes and locations. Versatile natural wonders around the world satisfy the requirements of any kind of travelers. When it comes to the UAE, many people consider it boring, or even a dangerous place. Little wonder since we all know where the UAE is geographically located: in a hot desert. This article will show you that this erroneous belief has got to be ruined.

Dubai is the most crowded city in the UAE and its capital at the same time. This city is known as the city of contrasts and surprises. This place is the most luxurious, incredible, and magnificent city on our planet. It has a lot to offer newlyweds. White sandy beaches coexist with unspoiled waterfalls and pure water tarns. Dubai is about ancient history and the latest technologies, memorable honeymoons as well as comfortable family get-togethers.

Why Dubai?

If you’re still skeptical about the UAE, beautiful mountains, desert landscapes, and a wide range of shopping malls of all kinds will make you change your mind. Tons of activities are so exhilarating. Just imagine sandboarding on the golden dunes or taking a jeep safari – sounds fantastic, but that’s what Dubai can give you for real. Dubai is associated with delicious and varied cuisine and it has been known as the best place for a honeymoon so far.

A Few Numbers

Dubai has a population of approximately 3 million. This impressive number makes it the most crowded urban center in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai borders on other Arab countries: Oman (southeast direction), Abu-Dhabi (south), Ajman (west), and Sharjah (northeast). It’s also located right on the southeast coast of the warm Arabian Gulf and within the Arabian Desert at the same time. This place is known as the world of contrasts for a good reason.

Several important sources of Dubai income are tourism, oil and trade. “The Golden City”, as they call it, provides numerous visitors with attractions, ancient buildings, shopping malls of all kinds, and a lot of jewelry stores. Tourism represents one of the leading industries here. This city certainly has a lot to offer you.

Romantic Dubai

Honeymoon is the most wonderful time for a couple. The beauty of sandy beaches and golden desert can provide you with sweet memories shared with the most important person in your life.

Calm and secluded beaches along with turquoise water of the Persian Gulf will give your honeymoon a unique atmosphere of beauty and harmony. A variety of hotels can satisfy any taste: from luxurious rooms in skyscrapers to the small cozy hotel on the coast. Any location offers numerous restaurants with amazing city views, relaxing SPA and Arabian hostility. The choice is up to you.


If you prefer active sports or attractions, you can see the city panorama from high up in the sky. If sea adventures is your cup of tea, you can enjoy diving together. The beauty of local flora and fauna won’t leave you indifferent. You can even dive places with colorful angel sharks, butterflyfish, or humphead wrasses.

Another beautiful activity is hot-air balloon flights in the middle of the desert. This flight may give the opportunity to enjoy dawn or sunset in a desert, watch turquoise oases or slowly moving caravans.

After such an amazing day you might want to enjoy a romantic evening together. Delicious food and magnificent views will make you want to come back again and again. Dubai offers all kinds of cuisines: Mediterranean, Italian, traditional Arabian or even Peruvian cuisine.

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray hotel has got a whole floor only for honeymooners – Talise Couples Spa. This place is a paradise: private hammam, luxurious SPA and splendid rest zones create an intimate atmosphere only for two of you.

Besides, we cannot fail to emphasize a very romantic trip on an Arabian traditional boat called abra. The trip begins at the marina by the Arabian bazaar. Spectacular views of Dubai and natural landscapes make this trip an amazing opportunity to share these exciting feelings.

Find Some Time For Yourself

Dubai is certainly worth visiting. This place can make your honeymoon trip unforgettable and full of romance, while shared impressions only strengthen the unity between you and the most important person in your life. Why don’t you turn your dream into reality?

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