Choosing a professional wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your Dubai wedding. Once the day has passed and the marriage begins, the pictures will hold all the memories of the day and remind you of how it felt in that moment. By using amateur photographers, you may miss out on the most important moments.

The Best Wedding Photography

Professional freelance wedding photographer in Dubai offers the best photos for the day, taking into consideration the lighting, the pre wedding shoot, and all of your individual preferences for your wedding photoshoot. We bring the best in equipment to provide the best results and produce clear and true photos, edited to perfection and printed on quality paper for crisp results. A wedding photographer is better able to provide quality photos, and they are focused on our wedding in Dubai, with experience specifically in wedding photography. 

We are knowledgeable in the ideal locations for your wedding photoshoot and how the lighting and background will turn out in your photos. For your wedding in Dubai discover the top locations to take your photos with the professional photographers who are most experienced in photographing them. 

Top-Notch editing

Professional editing is time consuming and requires the proper programming and experience but is needed to get the best photographs. Only a professional wedding photographer in Dubai can assure that it is done well. This stage allows for any adjustments and to add any effects that you request to create beautiful photos, and these are then printed on high quality paper with ink that is sure to last without fading. 

Dedicated Freelance Photographer for the Whole Day

Having a dedicated photographer for the entire day allows you to have a record of the day from start to finish. They are not distracted by other tasks, visiting with other guests or keeping up with other arrangements. You can have a pre wedding shoot, a wedding photoshoot, and photos of your preparations, your journey to the venue, and your reception. All of the important moments can be recorded for you to look back on.

Book your day with our photographers in UAE to keep the most important memories of your day in print to relive whenever you choose. Only the knowledge, experience, and equipment of a professional wedding photographer will provide you with the best quality photographs.

Make Your Precious Moments Memorable

We understand how important the wedding ceremony is for you. Unlike the other wedding vendors, photographs are not things which you can smell, taste or hear – or even you see it first. You do not really know what you are getting until you receive it. Being a professional wedding photographer we believe, a photographer capture memories, that tells a beautiful story of your special day & one wrong choice of a wedding photographer can ruin your event & memories.
So if you want your unforgettable moment to be captured flawlessly Kuckoo Art should be your choice. As a leading wedding photographer, in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, we provide exceptional photography service matching your style & budget. Our unobtrusive approach allows us to capture precious moments with genuine emotions of the day. Above & beyond, we pair your images with beautifully style fine art portraits, to create a series of images to cherish every second of your wedding day.

We know all the ins & outs of wedding photography, whether you want outdoor photo-shoot in noontime or need indoor photography, we are always at your service. Being professionals in our field, we strive to portray perfect candid moments & spontaneous highlights of the couple's day.

Having years of experience in wedding photography, we flawless blend candid, real & actual moments with lifestyle editorial pictures by softly guiding our clients to the best light without overly inserting ourselves in the moment. Because for us, it’s all about making your wedding moments a fairytale. We work usually in natural light to provide you with the best & high-quality images. Not just this, we use state of the art equipment to capture every small detail of your event.

We have a team of professional wedding photographers, having a complete understanding of all the technicalities & are aware of the traits of quality images. Using state of the art equipment and cutting edge photo producing & editing techniques to come up with the best images for your event every time. Besides, adding our personal touch in your images, we deliver images that will surely gonna take you back to the day you said: "I DO".

As one of the Dubai & Abu Dhabi’s leading wedding photographers, we have the right skillset & experience to provide you with a unique photographic record of your special day - be it photography or videography services. Through our series of directed photos & reportage pictures taken throughout the day, we do not only capture the formal flashes & set pieces that make up the wedding but also more visceral moments of love & affection.

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