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Every building has a story behind it. People living in houses, apartments, and rooms leave their unique marks which in turn create a certain aura. Interior design photography is another sphere of our work as photographers. Not only we take pictures of various room interiors, but we also capture these emotions and atmosphere. This essential feature makes photographs look so lively as if you actually are in this room right now. Our large expertise in architectural photography can help your potential clients present a vivid life account.
Real estate photography can be used for selling or renting your apartment. Buyers are not interested in blurry dull photographs with poor composition. Give your pictures more light, space & clarity and clients will not be long in coming.

We, Dubai Content Production, perform thorough light consideration, choose a proper camera angle and emphasize all details. Each architectural creation is a result of the work of a whole team of craftsmen. We work here to embody their efforts and depict the soul of every creation.

Afterward, the retouching process and digital enhancement take place creating a photograph just as astonishing as the building itself. Do not underestimate the importance of retouching. It’s just as significant as taking pictures.


Like any other photo session, estate photography requires thorough preparation and we have some tips for successful projects.
Horizon. What you certainly need during an interior shooting is a tripod. It allows you to avoid blurry pictures making photos look professional. It also helps to build the composition following rules of perspective.
Focus on the details. All details of interior pictured shall not be blurry. The photo looks so much better with emphasized details both on the foreground and background. This is something that makes your photograph look professional. Blurriness and poor lighting give away an amateur.
Vertical lines. Our brain represents a highly accurate system far better than modern technical systems. Sometimes we notice that vertical lines of the photo don’t really look that way. The thing is that a photograph looks flat while we are used to a three-dimensional world. We have the good news as well: we can put all the lines in the right position creating the presence effect.
Lighting. We can see objects and shapes thanks to the lighting. It’s no surprise that lighting has become a very powerful tool for professional photographers.
Comfort. There are different ways to add some cozy atmosphere to the photos of different premises. Our favorite one is “accidentally” leaving soft blanket and books in the living-room or food and dishes in the kitchen creating a feeling of human presence.

Sum up

Every room has its features, advantages and disadvantages. Our task as photographers lies in finding the best side of any interior. We can transfer welcoming and warm vibes to viewers making them feel like they’re already there, in that very room. Interiors are made for people and we can add a bit of coziness to every building.

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